Year End Party 2019

On the evening of January 17, 2020 at Blue Lotus Center, the Year End Party 2019 party took place extremely exciting and bustling with the presence of the Board of Directors and all employees of the IIST family.

Starting at 18:30, two beautiful MCs of the program led the audience from one surprise to another.

Opening is the dance performed by Team Tester. With their toughness, youthfulness, Team girls have made many hearts unsatisfied with how many guys sit below.

Next to the dance is a clip of funny lyrics summarizing IIST’s activities in the last 1 year under the background music “Let Me tell that”. The clip received many applause from the other members because of the meticulous and thorough preparation from the lyrics to the pictures.

An integral part of this Year End Party 2019 night that everyone is looking forward to most has arrived. It is a ceremony to honor and encourage the spirit of individuals and collectives who have made great contributions to the company. Congratulations once again to all of you who have successfully won this year’s awards and hope you will always try to build a stronger IIST.

After the honoring ceremony, a series of unique homegrown music shows were equally interesting and exciting that Teams sent to the whole company. Let’s take a look at some of the items featured in our 2019 YEP program:

                      Song: Happy new year with dragon and phoenix – Business Analysis Department

Song: A boy writes on a tree – ThangNH & LocNB

Song: Do not be surprised – UyenDTT & LocNB

Year End Party IIST 2019 concludes with the most anticipated Lucky Draw. With many valuable gifts, it really burned the auditorium.

The program was closed with many laughter, many attractive gifts but remaining in every employee of IIST are examples of the spirit of striving and relentless efforts to achieve today’s achievements. The spirit and core values of IIST are maximized by the employees, promising that the Year End Party IIST 2020 will be more explosive and monumental.

Some pictures during and after the end of the program, the staff of IIST has “enthusiastically” enthusiastically jog:

  • Backstage photo of Team Tester dance song

  • Pretty girls from TT Solution
  • Let’s eat together:
  • Thanks again to everyone who participated and contributed to the success of the party. Wish the whole family a happy Tet with family and relatives!