Why CloudSuite Industrial ?

Expand service revenues
Manage and deliver superior service by leveraging real-time shop floor reporting, a detailed contact center to track profitable service activities, and efficient scheduling and work order management tools.

Offer a unique product and experience
Design, sell, and manage unique products with order management, customer relationship management (CRM), project and resource management, markup visibility, and electronic collaboration tools.

Create a backbone for digital
Leverage superior integration, extensibility, collaboration, analytics, and mobile capabilities to drive digital transformation and compete in the Industry 4.0 era.

Reduce operational complexity
Facilitate productivity, planning, and production to improve quality while reducing costs with quality management capabilities, advanced planning and scheduling, repetitive manufacturing tools, asset maintenance, and more.

Optimize the supply chain
Improve visibility across the supply chain and reduce costs with robust capabilities that enable better sourcing and procurement, inventory management, and shipping and receiving, and maximize collaboration with vendors through a secured supplier portal.

Transform your business with vertical industrial focus



Chemical & Pharmaceutics


Electronic Technology

Textile & Garment

Food & Beverage