IIST – Year End Party 2020

On the evening of January 28, the Year End Party 2020 of the great family IIST took place cozy at Fortuna Hanoi Hotel.

The Sentosa hall, decorated in bright red colors, welcomes the presence of all IIST members. Everyone chooses for themselves the best outfit to appear splendidly at this event and do not forget to record beautiful pictures as the background for the ending status of the old year 2020.

Vietnamese people have a custom, on the last day of the year, the children coming back and forth, all come back to reunite at the family tray, sharing about the achievements after a year of striving. With that in mind, this is also the moment when we look back on the past 2020 journey with many outstanding achievements and listen to the Board of Directors share the orientation of the development plan for 2021. At the ceremony, IIST’s Board of Directors also presented meaningful prizes to individuals, staff and collectives with outstanding achievements in the year. These are typical faces who have contributed their efforts and enthusiasm to the organization, contributing to building a strong IIST over all difficulties and challenges to achieve success.

Arts is an unforgettable highlight of this year’s YEP program. The repertoire is carefully invested in both content and image. This creates a cheerful atmosphere for this party. Initially, the beautiful girls of the Back-office Block appeared in a graceful innovative ao dai combining softness and flexibility on the music “Doan Xuan Ca” and energetic style in the dance “HandClap”. The dance repertoire of “Bong Bong Bang Bang” and “Dragon Day in the Spring” also brought a new atmosphere to the party. The most impressive thing is Team ODC’s song “60 years of life” in the dancing folk dance that brings laughter.

In the program, the members of IIST also received lucky red packets through the lucky draw. This is an annual activity in the summary parties and the company’s birthday. Under the charming guidance of the MC, everyone went from surprise to surprise.

The party ended with the joy and happiness coming from the harmonious hearts, the promises to walk together on the way to conquer new challenges. With the determination and spirit of youth, the collective of IIST staff promises that 2021 will be an even more booming year, bringing IIST Company more and more prosperous.

Let’s take a look at the best pictures of the IIST members at this party: