“On Vietnamese Women’s Day
Send some poetry to call for a little gift
Wish you beautiful pink lips
Happy cute red cheeks
Passionate love always blooms
Happiness is still blooming
Public career is enough
Be happy, never old forever “

On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20, IIST would like to wish you a full, joyful, loving and full October 20 day. The hand of the woman is indispensable behind the man’s success, and so is the woman’s hand in IIST. The successes that IIST achieved today cannot deny the sisters’ great dedication and increasingly affirms their role in the strong development of the company. On October 20, instead of thanks deeply to their lovely colleagues, the IIST brothers spent a lot of effort and affection to surprise women.

On the morning of October 20, each of the IIST sisters was really proud and happy when they just stepped out of the elevator, the brothers holding balls and flowers waiting for them, with sweet wishes.

As part of a series of activities to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20, the brothers organized a flower arrangement contest for women on this day. Normally, people tell the dry Devs, but in IIST it is different, how much warmth, ingenuity, and ability to speak are you all show off to produce amazing works. The presentations were also extremely impressive when the explanation seemed ridiculous but extremely convincing.

Parallel to the flower arrangement contest, somewhere gameshow: “Understand the teammates” will also take place. Not only is Code good, but his acting is also good. The incredible expressions make the sisters laugh.

This year, the brothers really invested in the script when taking the sisters from surprise to surprise. Not only surprises about the program, but also surprises about the gifts prepared by their own hands. Holding meaningful gifts that IIST brothers have chosen so hard, we, IIST sisters, cannot help but be touched and happy. We had a happy October 20 with colleagues, friends, and close brothers. And above all, thank you to the IIST family.

By the way, IIST would also like to extend best wishes to Vietnamese Women, wish you, mothers, ladies and sisters a happy, happy, and successful October 20 day at work. as well as in life.

Let IIST look back at the true images of IIST brothers and sisters on October 20 this year.