IIST 2019 – 7 years a journey

A river without rapids will become a peaceful river, but the flow of time without the mark will become tasteless. 7 years, a period not long enough to write history but has great significance to mark the maturity of a collective, a company.

On June 13, 2012, Indochina Integrated Solution and Technology Co., Ltd. (IIST) was officially established, marking the Vietnam IT market with a new born child.

According to the development of a human being, 7 years is also a time for an infant to grow and have entered the Primary door. Over 7 years of development, from a small-scale company, when the starting point is only a few people so far, the company’s personnel has reached over 100 people.

And to commemorate the 7-year-old company milestone, IIST’s birthday celebration party took place on June 13 last year with the participation of all employees in Hanoi in the exciting atmosphere. Playful members at the Blue Lotus Convention Center.


After the opening moments with the speech of the company leaders and the company’s birthday song of the IIST collective are the sublimation moments of the members and countless attractive items.

Modern dance group (Team IIST)

Solo Song “Your sunshine” by KienVT

“Overnight” by HuongNT if NamNV

“Four words very well” by UyenDTT if LocNB

Interlinked by a team CTCT

Team Test is no less exciting Team CTCT

And with a lot of other items 

The part that everyone is looking forward to most is here. Along with small questions are big gifts, to get the big part to go through a little play.

Mr. MC! What game do I play ?



Singing and dancing also got tired, I loaded up the energy and then flipped again !!!

The show has ended but the voices of that day still remain in everyone’s emotions and recovery. The joy of sharing everything, the emotions did not forget anyone. IIST-ers, forever one person.

 The 7-year journey has closed. 7 years of establishment and development, IIST is facing new challenges that need adjustment to adapt and become one of the leading companies providing solutions and outsourcing in the IT market. Not only that, with a rejuvenation of human resources, IIST is more confident and courageous to overcome the difficulties ahead. The 7th birthday will be one of IIST’s most special birthdays, marking an ambitious, more dynamic step, promising to write many new stories

Let’s work together towards a successful and brilliant 8th year.