With the spirit of “do your best – play hard”, all members of the IIST family had a very exciting and memorable 3 days 2 nights vacation at Sun Premier Village Ha Long. This year’s holiday is more special than the others when it is on IIST’s 8th anniversary (June 13, 2012 – June 13, 2020). For the first time, IIST-er and relatives get together to catch the sunrise at sea and participate in the exciting team building program with fun games and linking blocks, departments, and members together.

This is a meaningful activity that shows the great attention of the Board of Directors of the Company to the spiritual life, at the same time promoting collective values ​​as well as creating a playground for exchange, tightening solidarity and creating dynamism. resources for employees in the Company.

With Teambuilding activities: the movement games such as “Perfect Start”, “Together”, “Step Away”, “Accelerating”, “The Last Victory” … really brought laughter. and excitement for IIST members. Each game requires calculation, thinking and coordination of all team members to achieve the best results.



Team spirit is raised and becomes the greatest value each member receives from this year’s team building season. That is also the reason that the theme of this year was called “Together we grow” by the organizers. If we want to go fast, we should go alone, but if we want to go far, we should go together.

Warm hearts full of enthusiasm, shoulder blades, teamwork tightening of hands, smiles with bright eyes of joy, sweat drops dispel the heat in summer weather, Feeling IIST-er has never been so close.

The spirit of the Teambuilding meeting has not yet calmed down, another activity brings a new wind, which is “IIST Cup Ha Long Beach 2020” – the annual football tournament organized by the company itself. This year’s soccer tournament brings together the four strongest teams of the IIST Football Confederation to fight together on sunny and windy Ha Long beach. With professional organization from the group draw, choosing this year’s tournament team has been a great success when sending fans away from surprise to surprise. From the skillful dispute to the long shot to turn on the post, causing regret. But then today’s efforts will also be rewarded with amazingly beautiful goals.

Gay is even more intense when the final this year is really a balancing match between the blue and orange teams when using a penalty shootout to win or lose.

And many more other activities of the IIST members during this vacation.

The 8-year-old IIST celebration program and the holiday called “TOGETHER WE GROW” took place very successfully. Many lessons, many values with profound meanings and above all, the solidarity spirit are what remains. The program is an opportunity for the extended family of IIST to have more interesting experiences together, thereby further strengthening the spirit of solidarity and sharing love, bringing everyone closer together.
“Let’s look back at these memorable moments with IIST together. Hopefully, this program will be a fulcrum for all employees to stick together under the common roof IIST, to connect, resonate, stand side by side, and conquer the common goals of the year. This 2020. With this team, I fully believe that IIST will have a breakthrough in the future. Thank you and see you all next year. ”